My Beauty Skin Care Routine

There are a few key things we all want in life… love, happiness, and let’s face great skin! (Okay, maybe health and wealth come before that…but hey, skin is definitely up there somewhere) And between hormones, genetics, and in some cases, sugar and dairy, there are days when having amazing skin feels unattainable. This is my first skin care routine blog post but it will definitely be one of many, I am constantly trying new skin care products. To me healthy glowy skin represents youth! So screw spending a bunch of money on makeup, I would rather save it for skin.

Your face is the first thing a person sees when they meet you, so investing in your face is the best kind of investment. Plus if you have beautiful skin then your makeup will look even more flawless and you’ll need less of it.


Here is a glimpse of my daily skin routine

Step 1: Removal: Take it all off before bed! I mean it! get your lazy a$$ off that bed if your face is not clean. I usually use Neutrogena cleansing towelettes, and a dab of Trader Joes Organic coconut oil to remove make-up before I go to bed. It not only removes my makeup, but with the oil, it can be very soothing and so I give my face a little massage.


Step 2: Cleansing: I use my facial spin brush with Kiehl’s Calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash. This stuff really gives your skin a really deep clean feeling without over drying your skin. Your skin looks and feels instantly refreshed and revitalized.


Step 3: Masks and Exfoliation: I exfoliate every other day (I know call me crazy) but I am in love with the Freeman charcoal + black sugar exfoliator, Its not so harsh so it works for me! It exfoliates and leaves my skin really soft and rejuvenated! I also like to use Sabon Renewal Face Polisher from their Dead Sea collection, its delicate on the skin but it has magical powers! it really polishes the skin and makes it look radiant, plus it has a wonderful aroma, you would think you were at a spa. Always and i mean always! Rinse your face with cold water, it tightens your skin (anti aging secret!) As far as face masks, I usually make my own! I use natural ingredients, stuff thats already in my kitchen such as aloe vera, coffee, lemon, honey, tomato juice, turmeric, cinnamon, organic coconut oil, yogurt etc. (But that’s for a another blog post)

Step 4: Tone & Moisturize! Toners are equal parts essential and mystifying, a crucial step in skin care is using a good facial toner . I use Thayers witch hazel Aloevera formula, it cleanses, removes excess oil, it balances the PH of your skin and it tightens your pores! After cleansing, I spray my face with Mario Badescu Rosewater Rosewater is a great anti-inflammatory, and I love spraying it before applying my moisturizer in the morning or spritzing it during the day over my makeup to refresh my look. I keep it in the fridge so it’s nice and cold when I spray it in the morning. To moisturize I use Cetaphil facial moisturizer make sure your moisturizer has at least SPF 15 (it’s the secret to younger looking skin) with Decleor purifying serum, this serum has aromatherapy oils so it smells like heaven!


Also keep in mind

  • Drink lots of PH balanced water
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables
  • Take your vitamins
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Steam your face once in a while

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