Dreaming Of Brunch

If a restaurant is cute and instagrammable, is enough for me to go there and check out. All jokes aside, I appreciate good food, but if the atmosphere of the restaurant is cool, the place earns points, and pictures! lots of pictures lol. This cute restaurant is so New York! There’s always a new spot here. “While We Were Young” is one of them. My cousin Martika  and I were there to have brunch and I’ve decided to share our experience with you here.


While We Were Young is located in the West Village, a super charming area of the city. The owner, Bradford Dunigan, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida, grew up in a home where details have always been important. His mother, a former model, covered the house with flowers. This explains why the bar is covered in petals, you can definitely see a woman’s touch in the restaurant. The atmosphere is intimate and small, and the restaurant was planned to provide an experience to customers. While We Were Young usually gets busy late in the afternoon when it becomes a perfect Happy Hour spot. The drinks are so delicious, and not too strong just perfect! and if You know me I am big on customer service and this place definitely has great customer service!


Although the place stands out for the bar, its food menu is very neat, and tasty. The kitchen offers contemporary American cuisine. Appetizers include burrata, tuna tartar, and salads. On the main dishes, the options range from avocado toast to burger (with vegan version), fish, pasta, lobster, and chicken. Martika and I ordered a burrata and a burger, to share. Burrata ($18) was one of the most delicious I have ever eaten – served with pears, cherries and hazelnuts (I love the mix of sweet and savory). The burger ($22), came with fries and was great. Very, very tasty, with a chipotle aioli, along with crispy onions. Yes, the prices are a little high, but everything was so well prepared and yummy that it was worth every penny.DSCF8630DSCF8543Facetune_05-10-2018-12-19-41.jpg

Restaurant : While We Were Young

Address: 183 W10th St.

New York, NY 10014

United States

Website: Whilewewereyoungnyc.com

American Cuisine

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