Best of Fenty Beauty “Stunna Lip Paint”

If you find yourself reaching for your red lipstick more around this time of year your not alone. Red is the ultimate party/holiday color and Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint has the prettiest sexiest lipstick to bring out those beautiful lips of yours! Once you’ve secured your daily beauty must do’s like spraying your favorite fragrance, why not try something new like rocking a bold red lip! I promise you can pull it off! A red lip is the perfect finishing touch for anything from a casual work outfit to a Bomb holiday festive look. Continue reading for tips on how to keep that red lipstick to stay put and fresh at the desk or while having drinks!warm-1

Prep your lips !

Apply just a dab of foundation on your lips before applying the lipstick. This will act as a primer for a finishing even look.

Prevent color bleeding !

Make sure you apply a nice lip liner to line up the lips to prevent smudging or bleeding. Then apply concealer to clean it up.

Don’t overdo it!

Don’t apply lipgloss , by doing so you’re just making the lipstick prone to smearing. If you must you can’t just add a little to your bottom lip this will help your lips appear fuller.

Remove excess lipstick!

Sometimes you can apply too much lipstick so when you do just blot it wish a tissue or stick your index finger in your mouth and pull it right out!

Rock it!

When you rock something with confidence it makes people look at you and say wow she looks great ! Confidence is a contagious aura, something you want to share with the world. so rock that bold lip and own it! Drink drinks with a straw oh and be careful when removing your top, you don’t want to get it on your clothes lol

warm 2The Stunna Lip Paint

Uncensored Perfect Universal Red

This lipstick is so richly pigmented, I dust it a bit before applying. It drenches lips in a lightweight veil of red color while delivering a mesmerizing matte soft finish. Sensually creamy and luscious in texture, the color and Finish is so dreamy , your pout will speak volumes without saying a word.

A weightless, longwear liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish. Born in a range of head-turning shades that look incredible on all skin tones.

Tell me more:

When life’s all about taking risks, wearing liquid lipstick shouldn’t be one of them. Enter Stunna Lip Paint: The love child of high-impact color and low-maintenance longwear—now in a range of head-turning shades that’s got everyone’s name on them. Each shade was hand-picked by Rihanna and created to look incredible on everyone.

Equal parts class and sass, Stunna Lip Paint goes from zero to 100 in one stroke of its lip-defining precision wand, making it easier than ever to dress your entire pout in show-stopping, soft matte pigment. Its serious long-lasting hold is so weightless, if it weren’t for the non-stop compliments, you’d forget you were even wearing it. And if that weren’t enough—Stunna Lip Paint has no immediate feathering, staying kissably smooth. In other words, it behaves so you don’t have to.

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.


warm 3


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