Tips For Getting Amazing Maternity Photos

I am really proud of both my husband and I on creating such amazing maternity photos. we did lots of planning, and strategic scheduling for this shoot which wasn’t easy this time around as we are going through a pandemic our options are limited. But despite what we are going through we pulled it together and created gorgeous maternity photos and so I’ve decided to share some tips on how to plan and prepare for an amazing maternity shoot. These tips can help make sure your shoot goes smoothly and that you’ll receive the best images possible ! Enjoy!

What To Wear

I recommend wearing a gown or a long dress for your photo shoot either fitted or flowy.

They help emphasis your belly, which we all want to see, you can also rent a dress from several Fashion boutiques such as

Even look into bridal shops!

Its best to wear solid colors rather than patterns, patterns or logos can turn the focus awa from the belly. I recommend creating a vision board for how you envision your dress to look like, have inspirational dress photos and do lots of research on the type of dress you want, the material, the color (making sure it matches the scenery) take a look at some of my outfit inspirations.

Location is key!

I knew I wanted my maternity shoot to be outdoors because I knew that by 8 months pregnant the weather would be great! Initially I wanted to go to a botanical garden but due to the pandemic they were all closed and so our options were limited. And so we chose a national park (Prospect Park) but not just anywhere in the park, we chose the boathouse, a historic landmark venue in the middle of the park, which happened to be closed, but the surrounding area of the venue was open to the public. I loved this spot because I love the Beaux Arts style of the building and old architecture. The boathouse offers a breathtaking natural setting overlooking scenic lull water. When researching the perfect place for your maternity shoot ask around of any meaningful beautiful places, ask for suggestions, research beautiful places in your area for a photo shoot, National parks, Gardens, etc.

Hair & Makeup

I’m not the best at hair and makeup but I sure do try! You’d be surprised at what your capable of when you watch a tutorial and practice. What I did is I created a vision board of how I wanted my hair and how I wanted my makeup to look. I knew I wanted to do a floral bridal updo, with simplistic makeup. I watched several tutorial videos on YouTube on bridal updos, floral updos and bridal makeup and I went to work following each tutorial carefully, I kept practicing for the big day. I also made sure I did an at home pink / nude manicure and pedicure.


For this dress I wanted clean minimal accessories, and I wanted to incorporate flowers because well… I want flowers in every shoot I do. I wasn’t able to see the back of my head so I asked my husband to pin the flowers for me and to my surprise he did. I added pearl earrings, minimal rings on my fingers and the look was complete.


If the location is outdoors it is important to arrive on time! The most beautiful photos are shot during the Golden hour, during Sunrise, and during a nice cloudy day where the sunlight is diffused in a calm beautiful way.

When making arrangements it’d be best if you included time for travel and traffic.

Golden hour is right before sunset, some people think noon is the best time to shoot but it is actually the least ideal time to shoot because the sun is directly over the head.  This causes dark circles under the eyes, over exposure, squinting, and harsh shadows. If however you must shoot around this time it is best to go under a large tree or anywhere theirs a big shadow where the sun isn’t directly over you .

The golden hour is around the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light after sunrise. During this time the sun is low in the sky causing a nice soft glowy look. It goes for sunrise the first hour before sunrise and the last hour after sunrise.

We did this shoot on a nice cloudy day. A cloudy day is great if you want a nice airy look, this way you are still able to use the sun as a backlight. A cloudy day produces really soft light that can be flattering on your face and skin. The light on these days lights the scene very evenly making it possible to capture plenty of detail no matter the angle. It is also less stress on the photographer fiddling with exposure settings.

More Tips!

Small details like making sure you steam your garments the night before are a must!

Prepare your entire outfit along with wanted accessories days before the shoot, try it on and practice poses in the mirror.

Pack a change of clothes either to get comfortable after the shoot or to have a variety of dresses to choose from. I definitely wasn’t able to walk around in that extravagant dress after the shoot so I packed a comfortable summer dress to slip into when the session was over. When shooting outdoors you might need to change in the car, in the woods or you could bring a portable changing station either way  be ready for the adventure.

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